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    Industry Park Zhouwangmiao Town Haining City Zhejiang provicne China

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    Fubang Lock. LTD in Haining is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in padlock. It was established in 1989 and called Shanglin Lock factory at that time. After years of hard work of the staff, the company now owns four assembly lines, mainly producing "Fubang" series of locks such as polishing locks,copper loc…

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    Long Shackle Iron Padlock Iron padlock Iron Padlock padlock Laminated Paclock Color padlock Heavy Duty Iron Padlock Long Shackle Laminated Padlock Armoured Lock Combination Lock Brass padlock Brass padlock Print padlock Side Key Lock S Brass Padlock Long Brass Padlock Rubber Covered Brass Padlock Push padlock Luggage padlock Rectangle Padlock L291-20mm Heavy Duty Brass Padlock FS-7022 FS-7023 FS-7021 FS-7027 FS-7026 FS-7025 FS-7024 FS-7028
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